Sunday, 10 August 2008

Is This Iraq? No, It's Toronto

When first viewing this video you might think it was a scene from Iraq, but it's not. In the early hours of Sunday morning Toronto residents were woken up by a series of large explosions in the Keele and Wilson area. The explosions took place at the Sunshine Propane Industrial Gases distribution plant in the Wilson Ave. and Keele St. area, which is surrounded by residential neighborhoods. A 1.6 km area has been evacuated and traffic along Canada's busiest highway, the 401, has been shut down between Highway 400 and the 404 Don Valley Parkway. Fortunately there have been few injuries, but there has been at least one death, a 25 year veteran firefighter succumbed while fighting the fire, and one person is unaccounted for, believed to be the propane plant's truck dispatcher.

The situation has improved since the early hours, but there is still no word on when residents will be allowed back to their homes.

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